Customized Orders

Customized Order Process >>

  • Please feel free to get in touch with us and brief description of project . [ Contact Form ]
  • Attach color photos of dishes.Based on the photos that you send us, tell us in as much detail as possible everything that is shown in your photos.(including quantity size and dimensions of all the items)
  • We will get back to you with cost estimate and more details.
  • If possible, please send a container that you use for dishes.
  • It takes about two weeks to create the products.
  • We will contact you when it’s completesend and send the finished products.
  • Delivery Methods is EMS.

* The delivery time is estimated to be approximately 7 days after shipment.

Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.

* Shipping Fees

Please check the link. Rate schedule(EMS) –

  • Payment Method is PayPal.We recommend PayPal because it’s easy and secure.